Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What important about Sports?

Sports is important to me because it helps me learn more about a sport that I have never played before. Watching people play rugby out on the field or netball out on the court will look very cool. Wishing one day that I could meet my favourite rugby player Chris McQueen or favourite netball player Maria Tuatai. But why do you think sports is important?

To me playing rugby is important. WHY? Because you are able to tackle people down. Also get a runaway try. Rugby means everything to me. I wish one day I could get a scholarship to play for the Black Ferns. Rugby to me is probably the best sport ever.

I’ve being playing netball for the school since year 6. Playing netball is really cool. It is also one of my favourite sports. To me netball is important because it is a really fit sport and that get’s you up and running. Netball is a well known sport that anyone could play mainly everyone. My favourite position in netball is Center, Wing attack and Wing defence. I have also wanted to play as goal shoot. Netball is a sport that I have never played before. If you are wanting to play netball try it out one day.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student

Reaching the top of the icy mountain Jack was feeling exhausted and his muscle were aching. As he stood up he looked down and saw how far he had been climbing,“I am sure it was not that far for me to climb up this icy mountain” Jack said.

He turned to see if he had made it to the place he was going to and he saw the dojo school so he was excited and ran to the top. As he was getting near dojo school he left anxious/ nervous because he was wondering if he’d would make it, “I hope I make it to this school I don’t want to walk back down this cold icy mountain”.

When he got to the top he took a big breath in then a big breath out ( Knock KnocK Knock door open’s ) Jack belled to the master then the master pointed to his left side then ( bang door closers )

Jack was sad so he stay outside of dojo school all night then the master opened the door and saw Jack sitting on ground meditating but then the master pointed again. Jack got angry so he put on his anger face kicked the master’s door and wanted to fight the master but then the master pointed again and Jack looked at where he was pointing and on the paper it said please new’s the side door thank you. Jack felt embarrassed so he hung his he in shamed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon time in a quiet farm out in the countryside there lived a pig named Jack. He was a very very obese pig that love to roll around in the mud all day long. 

One day two of his brothers named Michael and Matthew came and visited him, it was a big surprise for Jack. “ There is a big problem” Matthew said in a worried tone. "We just finished building a Straw house, BUT then Patrick the wolf came and blew down the house". Michael said. Jack hurried out of the mud pool. He came up with a great idea . He planned on helping his brothers. "Why don't we build a house out of wood" Jack asked. They gathered all the equipment and started to build the house. As soon as they had finished building the house Patrick the wolf came around. Patrick the wolf was a very sneaky wolf. He would never take his eyes off the pigs. 

The pigs set off for a bath in the mud for a couple of beers. While they were gone the wolf snuck around the house looking if anyone was there. " Haha no ones home" said Patrick. " It is time" as Patrick said in a really creeping voice. With a HUFF AND A PUFF the wolf blew the house down. The three little pigs were walking back to see there wood house but as soon as they got there the house was blown down. "That bloody wolf" said Jack. Now where are we going to sleep now. Jack was thinking really hard but he didn't know what to do. 

The pigs headed back to the  mud pool really upset.  As Jack was thinking, his brother thought of a great idea.  “We should build another house but a house that patrick can’t blow down” Jacks brothers said. “Aha how about a house made out of BRICKS”. Jack said in a really thinking voice. They went out looking for some stuff that they needed to build their house. They finished the house as soon as possible. At last it was finished. The brick house was done at last. Patrick came around again, but the three little pigs had a planned they knew that Patrick the wolf was coming around. The pigs were very clever. Patrick HUFFED AND PUFFED and tried to blow the house down. He saw the chimney and tried to get in. The three little pigs grabbed a boiling pot and put it under the chimney. The wolf fell down the chimney and into the boiling pot. The wolf was done and over. No more wolf trying to blow down houses.

Written by Tauwhare and Hope

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oobleck experiment

Mrs Lagitupu gathered the class together and told the class that we were going to make Oobleck. Makayla, Ashlee and Tui went across to the shop and got the ingredients. We had to get into a little group. In my group there was Shoal, Vivienne, Ashleigh and me. Shoal poured the flour in to the bowl, also Vivienne tip the water in we mixed it together. We got the food colouring into the bowl we mixed with our hands. After a while it got really thick. At the bottom of the the bowl had some left over flour so then I grab it from the bottom. As soon as it reached the top it melted in my hand. Now it was time to pack up. It was heaps of fun doing that experiment. Hope we could that that again another time.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Its Friday today can't wait until the day finishes. The weekends tomorrow I wonder what im going to do?  I'll probably stay at home and relax with my family. I wish I could go away in the weekend like go and visit my big sister. Well I really want to go and see the family over in aus but can't their is so many things to do and plus I have school.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lemonade Scones

Getting ready to make Lemonade Scones. Mrs Nua asked the class if we could get into groups and start working on a Lemonade Scone presentation. The first group who finished the presentation got to make Lemonade Scones.

Tui, Jasmine, Rayleen and I showed Mrs Nua our presentation she was SURPRISED. “Yep, you guys start making some Lemonade Scones” Mrs Nua said. We got all the Ingredients together. Jasmine started to pour the flour into the bowl. Tui threw in the lemonade and then mixed. Rayleen poured the cream into the bowl after Tui mixed the flour and lemonade together.

After that I rolled the mixture into a big dough. The dough was too wet so then we added more flour. Then the dough went perfect. I flattened the dough so I could cut it into 16 pieces. Later, after the dough was cut up, I threw it on the baking tray. We chucked the baking tray in the oven for at least 10-12 mins.

12 minutes was over, I took the tray out of the oven and took it over to the streets kitchen. When it came out it was a really nice golden colour. We let it cool for 2 minutes. Then it was munch time. I couldn't wait to taste it. It was so crunchy that my mouth could kept closed. It was so delicious that I could eat a whole bowl of scones to my self.

Thanks to Mrs Nua for coming up with this great idea. I would like to make more lemonade scones again when i’m with you. You should have a go of making lemonade SCONES trust me you will like it and you will enjoy eating it.